Obligatory first post.

Hello, I’m Apple, and I have a history of leaving blogs behind when I get unhappy with it. This is, however, my first attempt at WordPress, and there is always that possibility that I will stay. The problem is that I say that every time.

I thought I’d start my post with a few important things about me, things that have a strong influence on the things I write.

1. I am a Filipino that was raised abroad (in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to be exact) for fourteen years.

2. My heart has been dreaming of becoming a writer ever since ‘a silly classroom essay‘ in fifth grade.

3. I am extremely introverted, and I can be difficult because of it. What I like best is how I try to look at things differently.

4. Sometimes I appear dramatic, and sometimes I appear lethargic. I could be mean or over-sympathetic. A bit bipolar, really. I’m thinking of getting checked for disorder.

5. I have been called a number of things, any of which may be true or untrue: “dedicated”, “distant”, “intellectual”, “sweet as sugar”, “eclectic”, “difficult” and the inevitable “special”.

6. I am in love with a few things: love, feelings, people, literature, sadness, places, and stories.

7. There are too many websites that I have an account in. They cater to my many interests and curiosities.

8. My many interest and curiosities include pictures, DIYs, weddings, interior home design, quotations, pugs, blogs, and so on.

9. I also like lists a lot.

10. Most of all, I am in love with ideas and strongly believe in the existence of “something more”. Keeping a blog is one of the ways that I try to find it. I look for personalities that I can admire and whose advice I can take to heart. I am a work in progress and am constantly looking for ways and ideas to better myself.

And then there’s this: I just want to write.


A penny for your thoughts?

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