Over the weekend

The past few days were very eventful for me. My university’s finals week just began, but mine just ended. It was a certain degree of Hell Week while it lasted, but for the better part, I’m glad it’s over and that I get to have a few days off before I start preparing for summer.

While I’m here, though, let me recount a few important things that happened.

My Advertising group-mates and I met Sir Lawin Bulatao of Publicis Jimenez Basic. This was for a class that wasn’t really for me anymore, but the class led me to meet him so I am satisfied. He is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. In two meetings roughly an hour each, he taught us about passion, about loving what you do, about working to be amazing, about giving it all and being different, and about getting up and getting back even after shit happens.

He told us some words we may not always remember, but chained to a feeling we may never forget. He is an icon in the advertising industry. I won’t be following after his footsteps, because I’ve learned that that isn’t where I want to go. But I have learned where I do want to go. I want to carry his advice with me wherever I go and choose to succeed.

Secondly, I’m going to say Thank You to the one who broke our hearts. Because that way we learned some very important things.

Thirdly, my favorite part, I had a personal consultation with one of my favorite teachers in college, Ma’am Gari. She was my teacher in General Psychology last semester, and she made it feel so valuable and important to everything I will ever do. She was also very wise and honest with advice, especially about personalities, so when some things started bothering me recently I decided to ask her for some help.

As usual, she was very great about it. She paid attention and never made me feel awkward or inferior. As she talked, she reassured me of two things: one, that she didn’t see anything really wrong with me, and two, that I am sad and it isn’t a criminal act to be sad. There were so many important thoughts that she shared with me, and with such simple words. I am so extremely thankful.

Because of her I’ve found the tiniest will to try and try again. I will try to look at things a little differently, I will try to be a little more honest with little problems while they are still little, and I will try to not swallow too many feelings for too many lifetimes. I will simply try to be happy.

And I spent the evening and night very happy too, meeting some new people and learning some new things. As I took a walk outside this morning, I realized that I had accumulated so many stories over one weekend, one weekend when I wasn’t even trying.

Obviously, it won’t always be like this. That’s why I am writing this down. When there comes a time that life isn’t so good, I would like to remember that it was good once, and it will be good again.

And that is my lesson for the week.


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