Soul sisters.

This is an old post, written and published in old blogs. I am reposting here for archiving purposes, because this is still one of my favorite posts and some of my favorite girls.

Once upon a time, four girls from literally four different countries became friends by fate. These girls are now my sunshine.

None of the four of us have personally met all of the other three. But none of the four doesn’t have a personal relationship with each and every one of the other three. We’re just four girls who happened to be friends.

We’re different, all of us. We grew up differently. If I wrote a story about us, the chapters about our friendship probably wouldn’t make a million dollars. But if I began to tell you about each girl and the story behind her own special smile, I guarantee you could fall in love with one of us.

Perfect isn’t a word I would use, although sometimes you might consider it. Believe me when I say we’ve all been through our own version of hell. We don’t even tell each other everything. We don’t even talk every day.

And, I hate to say it, we probably won’t even be having our first meeting in the very near future. It’s going to take a while. Who knows where we’ll be, how long it will have been from this moment, when we finally meet, all four of us, complete.

But I love them to death. That’s why the miles and miles of distance, the hours and hours of time difference, the days we pass without catching up, the times we need each other but probably don’t even know it — none of it makes me treasure them any less.

I look forward to their greetings on birthdays and holidays. I brighten up at the very rare occasional text, private message, or chat. I think of them whenever something incredible happens to me. I imagine them in my wedding, in my very entourage. I would fly halfway across the world to attend theirs.

They’re in my future, these girls. They’re the people I’ll never forgive myself to lose. This is just a tribute to everything they have been and have done to make my life a thousand times brighter. I love you.


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