An Open Letter: to Ara Bettina

Photo by Ina Mateo.

Dear Ara Bets,

We’ve been friends for just about two years, and when you think about it, two years isn’t a whole lot of time. You have your best friends, your cousins, your high school friends who have been there much longer. And yet, it feels like it’s been so long, because of all the things we went through together.

We have watched each other laugh and cry, get hurt and get better, meet new people and try again. We have exchanged heartbroken paragraphs on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, we have told each other to “hang on” and that “things will get better”. That’s not bad for two years.

I cannot find the moment or scenario we went from dormmates and blockmates to real friends. But that doesn’t matter as much; I am simply so grateful that it happened. No one in my new life here has helped me so much, and loved me intensely despite having seen me at my worst. You have gotten me through so much.

You gave me hope once, and you give me hope again everyday. You told me once that things are going to be okay, and I hold on to that all the time. I now know and believe that things can and will be okay. You gave me that. You told me, when I least expected it, that “No matter how hard it is to believe, some people stay.” And now that I’ve found some of those people, I am glad you told me that. And I am even more glad you have been one of them.

I know that often you still feel tired, sometimes sad, often frustrated with things that happen unexpectedly. You need to know how wonderful people see you as, how strong, faithful and determined. Ikaw na BS Org namin, diba? You fight so strongly, especially when you are sure of what you want to do here. You don’t back down from it. Not a lot of people can afford to have that fire that you have, and I hope you keep it. It makes you you.

We once regarded each other as our twin souls, but I can only hope to be half as amazing as you are. I could go on and on talking about the wonderful things about you and your life. What is most important, I guess, is that you figure them all out and you remember them yourself.

My wish for you is that, if you should change, let it be only for the best of life. I wish you taste the life you’ve been craving for, the sweetest of happiness, and that you never stop running until you’ve caught up with it. I wish you keep going even when you’re tired, and I wish you’d look up to yourself the way that many of us do.

And I wish for us to always remain this close, closer if possible, and that we don’t drift apart just because we don’t have much to be sad about anymore. I wish that you and I can help each other grow with that tough love that we both believe in. I wish that I should one day be lucky enough to watch you succeed, like I know you will.

I wish you all the greatest, Ara Bunny, because you deserve all of it.

Happy Birthday. I love you >:D<

  1. Anonymous said:

    i meant it with all my heart when i said “I didn’t intend to spill the secret”. :<

  2. ara said:

    Oh Boy. *see what I did there* :))))))))) Sorry wait, I’m diverting away from the fact that I’m tearing upppp and speechless. :’) I love you, Apple. And I’m really really grateful to have met you. You know I’m staying right? :) You make me believe in myself so, so much that you make me forget how much of a long way I still have to go through, haha. This year, I really hope we get closer pa, kahit na BS org na ako, you know I’ll do my best to stay in touch, even if I text you every day. :D I love you, Apple. *I really need to find you something to add to your name* Thank you so, so much. :* >:)<

    • Apple said:

      If it means anything, Ma’am K calls us Maps and Arabets. Haha.

      >:D< (Cyber hugs are never enough.)

      • ara said:

        Now that’s adorable. I shall call her something with an s. :)) Ma’am Karryls? :D HAHAHA. *sabaw* >:D< Yeah, two months to go, dear. :) Two months na lang. :)

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