Monthly goals: June 2012

Read at least two books.
Write about them.
Pay attention to expenses.
Save at least P1,000.
Help give Book Bench a great year-opener.
Stay organized.
Exert more effort in class.
Do a little schoolwork every day.
Leave comfort zone once a day.
Look good, feel good.


Ever since I entered college, I began to consider academic years my regular years, meaning my New Year was every June instead of January. The last day of ’11 and the first day of ’12 felt so seamless, I couldn’t imagine changing from one day to the other. Going back to classes, however, makes for a much bigger change in daily routine and center of focus, which encourages a lot of other changes as well.

So June is very important. It may even serve as a test run on what I can or can’t do until October, because next week I find out what my classes will be asking of me. School starts tomorrow so, to start the year right, here are my goals for the month.

I’ll keep a copy of this list pinned to either my phone or my notebooks, so I’ll remember them from time to time. Cheers to trying!


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