Sunday Pause

It has been a while since my last Sunday Pause post, and that means I may have been forgetting to breathe. I spent the last two nights in bed with a fever, cough and cold, and Boy thinks my immunity might have wavered due to stress. I am all better this morning, but I still need to take it slowly. It’s a good time for that special breather.

What I’m Thankful For in the Past Week(s)

  • My siblings, who almost instinctively look after me whenever I am sick.
  • Boy, who went out of his way to nurse me all afternoon and evening.
  • Book Bench, which has given me a challenge to grow into, and something I love that I want to fight for.
  • Light, rainy days. They add a necessary mellowness to my days, making the pathways freer, and my heart a bit clearer. Sorry to the people who don’t like rain.
  • Poetry. Boy has revived our attempt to read a poem a day together, and I’ve also gotten so attached to poetry that there are some nights I need one before I sleep.
  • My birthdayy :) Ever year on July 8, there is a sudden downpour of love and fuzziness as people try their best to make me happy. I received few gifts this year, but the greetings and the attempts at celebration were squeezed in between people who really had the best intentions. I received a surprise, a long-distance phone call, video greetings, lots o’ sweets, notebooks, colored markers, a tear-jerking letter, etc etc. It’s all so terribly heartwarming.
  • In the past, I have been accused of being anti-social or a loner, but I can ignore those words, because I have people to spend birthdays, long weekends, and sick days with. I’m not alone on the days that count twice as much as regular days do, and I’m thankful for that.

What I’m Praying For in the Following Week

  • As much as I love the rain, it’s not kind to everyone. So I am praying that the changing weather will not hurt any homes or lives.
  • Even though I have just come from a couple of stressful, busy weeks resulting in a sick weekend, my list of things to do is not yet done! I pray that I’ll be stronger, more determined, more efficient, more patient, and more careful in all that I have to do next week. I also pray that I’ll be able to do all of them on time.
  • There are a few “big decisions” waiting to be made next week, and my actions will have a lot of weight in these. So I pray that I’ll be wise in these decisions, and that my luck won’t run out on me at the last time.

God’s Most Important Words to Me This Week

  • Breathe. Rest. Be still, and pray.


Happy Sunday, everyone! :)


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