On the big Twenty-Thirteen

I couldn’t access WordPress for a couple of days, so this post is delayed :( I missed blogging for a while, so prepare for a lengthy entry! Before anything else, quick update. I have been strongly considering changing my blog name. I have a few options in mind, but wait for my go-signal before you change your bookmarks (conceitedly assuming you have my blog bookmarked. Ha!).



The holidays were pretty great. Mom and Dad arrived a couple of weeks before Christmas, and we spent our days chilling around with no grand plans. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Antipolo, with a couple of family friends, and the traditional noche buena and exchange gifts, of course.

Between Christmas and New Year, we went on a road trip to Camarines Sur, Bicol, where we stayed for approximately three days. Wakeboarding, Bigg’s Diner, and a henna tat! I can’t even tell you what an awesome weekend that was! Finally, we welcomed the big Twenty-Thirteen with traditional fireworks and sparkling wine back in Antipolo.

2013(On to the breezy cheesy reflection.)

January 1 was both light and dizzying. I had known for a while that 2013 would haunt me, because several things are scheduled to happen this year. This year will force me to face some very terrifying things from the future and the past.   I’m coming to terms with certain emotions I’ve struggled with for the past three years or so, like loving myself and forgiving those who have hurt me. The first week of January, so far, is going great. I’d like it to stay that way. Even better, I’d love it to keep getting better.

Either way, I thought I’d break the chain of “I don’t believe in New Year resolutions” and make myself some goals and promises for this year.

1. Excel.

In Ateneo, we hear a lot of the word “magis“. Plenty of people use the word to describe people who are simply good students. But I often think to myself that there is nothing magis about fulfilling your requirements well, because that’s only what is expected of you. Magis means “more”. Surpassing the par, breaking the standard. This year, I resolve to do more.

I will make an effort. I will raise my hand. I will put myself out there. I will dedicate time. I will not half-ass anything. I will rebel against “cram culture”. I will manage my time. I will prioritize. I will work to the best of my ability, and more.

2. Do what I love.

My first year or two of college life were confusing at most times, because I wasn’t quite sure if I loved my course. Now that I’m crawling towards the end of junior year, I’ve become sure: I don’t love my course. Boys and girls, that is a very difficult realization to have, especially when it’s a bit too late.

LUCKILYI found something I could love with a passion: obviously my favorite chatter subject, Book Bench! The org has taught me the insane happiness and fulfillment you can get from working at something that you love. So I’ve decided I’m going to do that more often. Which brings me to number three….

3. Go back to art, & stay with it.

This has got to be my favorite, but also my most challenging resolution. I love love love art, and a creative life has always been my crazy wish — BUT I have limitations in space, time, and resources. DIY pictures, blogs and tutorials make my heart do backflips because I want to do that! Why can’t I do that!

Until I can finally afford the space, time, and resources for reckless art, I’m going to start small and do what I can. I’m going to read, write, draw, design, take pictures, keep notebooks, write lists, and blog blog blog.

4. Get some exercise.

Last year, I became a regular customer at this massage place a few buildings away. They all know me by name, even the ones who have not worked with me yet. I go there that often, I feel a little embarrassed every time. Haha. My back is full of kinks and cold spots, and I’ve become addicted to the instant relief from the massage. But as my dad said to my brother, “You don’t need a massage. You need to change your lifestyle.”

Soooo I’m going to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: enroll in yoga class. It was a toss-up between yoga and gym (they’re in the same building), but yoga will take less coercing for me to stick with.

5. Pay attention to my finances.

This one is pretty straightforward. I made a really big purchase that drained my savings last year, and since then, I could no longer afford to be lax with my monthly allowance. Aside from an experimental savings scheme, I hope to try tracking my expenses, cutting down on unnecessary things, and budgeting properly. Heaven knows my brain shuts down in the presence of simple addition, but finance is no small matter, so I need to try.

6. Find out who I want to be, and go be that.

I have a special list in construction, a hundred little “things to do” every day. This one is number 100 on the list. It maybe covers everything I think I should be doing with my life. Be the person you think the world needs. Be the change you want to see. Be someone your six-year-old self would be proud to meet. Just go be that person.

goals(because goals are different from resolutions, silly rabbit.)

In school: to earn a QPI of at least — (censored because talking about it scares me. Haha)
In Book Bench: to become the next President

In reading: to read at least twenty books, and write about them
In writing: to keep and finish a Project 365, and start writing poems and stories again
In other arts: to try small projects in drawing, painting, DIY, or photography
In blogging: to create a proper feel and focus to stick to

In fitness: to stick with yoga, and try other fitness options
In finances: to save at least P400 a month

In general: to keep going


I’ve got a big year ahead of me, and the trick is to try, try, try. Here’s to hoping I can do it.


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