2458: Update and Counting


Being sick has always been a strange experience for me, especially when I’m bedridden but my mind is still trying to work at normal pace. I just got out of another hell week and am anticipating another one, or three. Haha. I told you August is (almost) never good to me (with only one exception, but let’s save that story for another time).

I don’t think it’s the weather or the illness, but I have been tough on myself lately. I feel far, far away from achieving my goals. I feel like I’ve failed quite a bit, and am craving for tons of productivity and overcompensation. If it sounds unhealthy, that’s because it probably is. But the (extreme) opposite is depression due to emptiness. It’s a bit hard to explain, my history with emotions and all. And I don’t have the words for it, currently.

Rambling aside, consider me on sick leave!

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– all the intellectual mumbo-jumbo I’ve been up to
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