Link party

I’m kind of stuck (again) and instead of creating I’ve been looking at others’ creations. That’s kind of sad for me and I hope this won’t spell out the rest of my life, but I have been feeling more and more like it will. Let’s move on.


Sixteen signs you’re happier than you think. This always hits me because I relate to it so much and I am not used to thinking I have a happy life.

Something to try: TBR book jar, where TBR stands for “to-be read.” The idea is to put in all the books you have yet to read; then you pick one at random and you now have to read that book next.

A spoken word poetry video, “OCD” by Neil Hilborn, was all over my news feed before I finally got the chance to watch it. But when I did, whoa.

Shakespeare insult kit! One of my favorites is “Thou loggerheaded onion-eyed nut-hook!” or “Thou fusty doghearted maggot-pie!” Alternatively, there’s the Shakespeare insult generator for when you need a quick insult and don’t have time to choose.

oaumul oamul

(above) “The 24 solar terms,” a set of pretty pretty pretty animated illustrations by Oamul, an illustrator from China. So stunningly creative.

Very tempting: eight reasons to deactivate your Facebook account.

Try not to tear up at this video of Katy Perry performing with Jodi DiPiazza, an autistic girl who is also miles more talented than me.

Powerful: “She Who Tells a Story,” an exhibit of works by women photographers from the Middle East, hosted by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, USA.

This already went viral, but I wanted to save it for me: an artist named Mica Angela Hendricks collaborated with her four-year-old daughter to create this amazing illustrations.

“Dancers Among Us” : What if we all danced our way through life?

* * *

I just want to look at (and eventually make) beautiful, meaningful things all my life.


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