Sunday Pause

sundaypauseBase image by Eirik Solheim

I know a lot of people who don’t like the rain because it inconveniences people and cancels plans. I’m part of the percentage that romanticizes it. I like how it forces the world to go quiet and people to become human, powerless against bigger forces. Still, I wish that everyone is safe. On this chilly, gray afternoon I have some reflecting to do.

What I’m Thankful For Lately

  • Inspiration. It sounds like a strange thing to be thankful for, but since inspiration doesn’t come my way all the time I feel extra-thankful for it.
  • Feel-good pamper sessions, be it homemade manicures or massage services.
  • The abundance of good books and beautiful words in the universe.
  • Chocolate and coffee. They simply make days better.
  • Happy movie afternoons.
  • Super inspiring people and touching stories.
  • Really realizing how far I have come since my dark days.

What I’m Praying For 

  • More progress. I have this craving for improvement and I want that feeling of fulfillment when it’s done.
  • Thesis defense. There, I said it. I will never not be afraid of public/formal presentations and exams. I wish this one goes well.
  • Closure with friends. Revival of closeness, if I must.
  • A sort of re-acquaintance with myself, especially who I am compared to who I used to be at some point in the past.
  • Some unpremeditated affirmation that I am doing something good, right, or well.
  • Some kind of hope, whatever it truly means for someone like me to hope.

Words From the Universe

  • Work hard. Look forward. Keep going.
  1. Jeane said:

    Hi Apple! Good luck on your thesis defense! You can do it!

    • Apple said:

      Thank you so much!! I think I’ll need a lot of luck!

  2. nicole said:

    I love the rain too. It always feels very cleansing to me. good luck with your thesis!


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