The Sunday Currently

Road SignsRoad Signs by Ismar Badzic

Reading school requirements, in prep for finals next week. Oh boy.

Writing school papers, blog posts, lists, emails, and the occasional personal thought.

Listening to the little Coco walking around.

Thinking about goals and dreams, and the hard work in between. Yesterday’s Better Story Project (post coming up!) along with random finds on the Internet have been making me think about ambitions again instead of thinking of all my losses.

Smelling nothing, I have a slight cold again. Haha.

Wishing that I had my own place, that I get an internship reply ASAP, and that I knew what I want to do next.

Hoping for inspiration, for an opportunity, for the spirit of hard work, to visit me.

Wearing a peach tee and my sister’s shorts.

Loving notebooks, blogs, words, pens <3

Wanting a light but happy breakfast. More notebooks, but I promised to finish the ones I currently have.

Needing to focus and to start seriously working really really hard.

Feeling on the verge of inspiration, but also a little bit scared.

Clicking the keyboard!


A penny for your thoughts?

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