The October Daily, vol 01

This blogging challenge is hosted by Mary of Secret Obsession. Link-up at her blog!

Day one: Share at least five reasons why you blog.

1. When I started blogging on Multiply, I blogged like it was a public message board. I let my thoughts out and I liked that people listened. Occasionally I would put in lyrics, quotes or poetry. I guess in a way, that stayed: I still blog to be listened to.

2. I’ve written (awful) poetry since I was a child, but I didn’t really know I was a decent writer until fifth grade. Now it’s my main ambition in life and my favorite passion: to write. Blogging gives me a place to do that.

3. Also in Multiply days, I had an older friend who wrote thoughtful and meaningful reflections in her blog. I was very inspired by how beautiful her thoughts sounded in certain words, and I wanted to do that too. So I did, and I was hooked. More than the feeling of forming beautiful words, there was something cathartic about the honesty. Though I’ve grown a lot from just copying her style, I know I started out there.

4. Having been blogging for a while means I’m also an avid blog reader. I love discovering new blogs that inspire me to improve my style. It’s one of my main reasons for joining October Daily: networking!

5. I’m running out of reasons, haha. But I do believe I blog because it challenges me creatively. I’ve explored various blogging platforms, themes and styles, and I know I improve in other ways because of it.


I know it’s called The October Daily, but I’m going to say from the get-go that I won’t be posting daily. I’m in the middle of the last two weeks of school, and anyway I never felt comfortable posting days in a row. I might make up for it by answering more than one question in a post, but I don’t think I can post every day.

  1. I read the essay and I have to say that you are a really really good writer Apple. Honestly speaking. :) I loved it. Keep writing and inspiring! <3

    • Apple said:

      That really means a lot. Thank you :)

  2. I am so with you on entering this challenge, but not being able to do everyday especially Sundays, but joined, because it looked like a fun challenge and was looking forward to getting to know know some new bloggers, too!

    • Apple said:

      I’m glad someone feels the way I do! Good luck with the challenge! :)

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