The October Daily, vol 02

This blogging challenge is hosted by Mary of Secret Obsession. Link-up at her blog!

2. Get a certain or favorite lyric/s from your favorite song, and tell us how it inspires or describes you.

I shared this at my last mood playlist, and it’s been my favorite song recently. The title gives it away: it’s about flaws, something that’s personal and a rather important concept to me. But this song is also about a relationship between two people and how their individual flaws interact with each other’s. One of them wears his or her flaws openly, while the other tends to hide them. And then they say, “Dig them up, let’s finish what we started. Dig them up, so nothing’s left unturned.

So it’s almost definitely about coming to terms with your imperfections, inspired or motivated by other people and how comfortable they are in their own skin. I get envious of other people’s confidence and self-acceptance; it’s something I struggled with for a long time. But I am finally digging up my scars, with the help of people who challenge me and change me. But it’s that change that’s more important than the resulting self-love itself. I really think that’s what the song is about.

Impression de concertPhoto from leafar.

3. Share a high school memory that you will never forget.

I need to be vague about this one for reasons. Sometime in early senior year, I fell in love for the nth time. This one was special, because it was the brightest and fiercest love I’ve ever experienced, and I wrote about it several times in different ways. And look, I’m writing about it again.

I went to a local concert with my best friend. A sort-of crush of mine was performing, it was one of my secret reasons for going (besides the good cause). Not only did I sneak videos and pictures of his performances, he chatted with me several times through the night and online the next morning. It ignited my crush into something irresistible. Let’s just say everything was an upward curve from there. But crush, concert and company put together, it was easily one of the best nights of my high school life.

laptopPhoto from tetsu-o.

4. Share your experience during your first few weeks/months in blogging.

I don’t remember what my first blog name was after leaving Multiply, but I knew it was Blogspot. Back then it was very private and diary-like. I didn’t aim to make friends, but I interacted a lot with my friends who were diary-bloggers like me. None of them really blog anymore, to my knowledge. I also made my own themes and I was very proud of that.

To preserve my privacy and anonymity, I made up code names for myself and anybody I mentioned in my blogs. I still remember that pseudonym fondly, and I’ll name a story character after her one day. I also avoided naming places or including pictures. I also shifted names and restarted blogs from time to time.

My blog posts were catalysts for a lot of things that happened in my social life, i.e. people would read my blogs and react to them in real life by hugging me, talking to me about the situation I posted about. I got someone to gather the courage and talk to me because of a post. Things like that.

what IF?Photo from Andrew J. Cosgriff

5. Complete the sentence: If I had a _________, I would __________. You can make as many sentences as you’d like.

  • If I had a heckuva lot of money, I would travel, start a small business, invest in art and clothes and new hobbies.
  • If I had a lot of blog/Twitter friends and followers, I would constantly ask them survey questions like “What’s one problem you’d like science or technology to solve?” or ask them to make decision for me.
  • If I had a wish-granting genie, I would wish to be brilliant, to be ably to fly, and a bank account that refilled itself every day (as long as I invested the money in non-wasteful ways).
  • If I had an invisible cloak, I would go to “dangerous” but fascinating places in Manila like Recto to take a ton of pictures. (Inspired by Mary‘s list)
  • If I had a partner, a little creativity, and a lot of courage, I would adapt Humans in New York to Manila.
  • If I had a time turner, I would would leave messages for people that I think they needed to hear/know at the time. (Inspired by Jeane‘s list. Watch me maybe turn this one into a blog post in the future!)

  1. Trish said:

    If I had an invisible cloak, I would go to “dangerous” but fascinating places in Manila like Recto to take a ton of pictures. –> Oooh, this would be very interesting especially if you’ll do it late at night! haha Just imagine the excitement it’ll bring! More so, if you go further to places like Divisoria lol

    I enjoyed reading your list by the way! Thanks for sharing and dropping by my blog. Nice to meet you :)

    • Apple said:

      Right? The first or last time I commuted to Divisoria, this was all I had in mind. I don’t think there would be a lot of (amateur) pictures of these places because nobody thinks it’s safe to bring cameras here. Haha.

      It was nice meeting you too, Trish!

      • Trish said:

        Yeah, cause you’ll get mugged even before you set foot in Divisoria but things would be different if you had an invisible cloak. It’s going to be a less daunting task resulting to an epic adventure. haha I also thought of that before and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with a bizarre imagination! :)

  2. Trish said:

    Also, I enjoyed listening to the song Flaws, thank you very much. I can totally relate as I have an extremely low self-confidence, sometimes I even have denigrating issues. On hindsight though, I’ve learned to embrace my flaws and the uncertainty of it all cause it challenges me. Faith and prayer makes everything tenfolds better as well. :) I wish you all the best!

    • Apple said:

      “On hindsight though, I’ve learned to embrace my flaws and the uncertainty of it all cause it challenges me.” I love this! This is exactly what I’m learning now :)

      • Trish said:

        Yeah! Let us, together! :)

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