October Daily, vol 04

I’m cheating again, haha. Instead of posting late, I’ll be posting in advance :)
This blogging challenge is hosted by Mary of Secret Obsession. Link-up at her blog!

15. Post your favorite word and describe it in photos.


Image “Cambridge,” by Ed Fairburn

16. What are your goals and dreams for the future? You can share to us your dream house, dream workplace, or even your bucket-list before you turn 25!

before i turn

17. Time for Throwback Thursday! Raid your archives and re-post something you want us to read!

Excerpt from my abandoned Project 365.


I have a small body and I’m scared all the time, but if you want to know what I care about, wait for my voice to get big. I’m barely twenty, and I don’t know at what age the world begins to get heavier. I’m pretty sure my heart broke at fifteen. But I’m still here, and I can still love, so perhaps things went better after all. There’s a tattoo on my arm; it doesn’t say anything, but it isn’t permanent. Maybe that says something about me or the person I was when I got it. People say you’re only twenty once. People are wrong. You’re only twenty, three-hundred and sixty-five times, and we forget that. We forget who we are, what we are, because we’re small and scared all the time, but try this: care about something. Because when you care enough, you’ll find that you’re bigger than your body. I did, and I’m barely twenty. I’ll have three hundred and sixty-five chances to be twenty, and maybe I’ll use one of them to be someone who has a tattoo that’s permanent. And maybe I won’t. I’m tired, and I don’t just mean my body; but my heart still works, and I guess that says something about me. Or about hearts. Or about love. Maybe love is permanent. Maybe love is my tattoo.


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