“The Fisherman”


On Wednesday, my Book Bench EB and I went out of town for a seminar. It was mostly work–evaluation and planning between semesters–but the place was so beautiful and my team so fun that it felt like a vacation with bonus productivity.

One of our members’ relatives took us to a resort hotel called El Pescador, which was a six-hour road trip from Manila. The journey was a pain, bumpy roads and all, but it was worth it because the place was beautiful. It was also empty because it’s far from vacation season right now. We stayed there for two nights.

IMG_0182  IMG_0190

We also ate a looot of yummy food. Michael told us to expect mostly seafood, but they of course gave us some variety. We even had lunch near the sea on the second day, after a productive morning. We did, after all, go there to work (primarily). I brought handy-dandy supplies like colored markers and washi tape, which some of my friends got attached to.



My favorite was the “Three things” activity. We took turns naming a list of any three things, and everyone then had exactly ten seconds to write down those three things. For example: three things I like about myself, three people who changed my life in the Ateneo, three embarrassing stories. After each ten seconds, we’d share.

It was supposed to end with lists relating to our work, but it took a bit longer than I’d planned and people had already started sharing some personal things. Anyway, it got our meeting started with a circle of honesty, which was the other objective. Plenty of our #insidejokes started here too.



I’m happy that, in between work and naps, we still got to bond, explore, and just generally have fun. We all struggled with the last semester and this was the perfect chance to unwind.



Should happiness come with awkward faces, I’ll take it nonetheless. Love you 5ever, Book Bench.

Last photo was taken by Jayne Orlina. Sixth photo (of the girls) was taken by Lex Celera. All the rest are mine.


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