The Sunday Currently

I'm a little lighthouse
Photo by kevin dooley

Reading blogs and saved-for-later articles.
Writing my yearbook write-up, eeeek.
Listening to the fan. It’s another lazy Sunday.
Thinking about hopes and dreams for the future, and the fear of things going wrong. So many worries.
Smelling disinfectant, to cover over the puppy’s pee.
Wishing I had a free sembreak, or that those emails I’m waiting for will come through soon.
Hoping for a good schedule with good teachers next semester.
Wearing the loose grey T-shirt and shorts that I slept in.
Loving the pictures and memories from Pangansinan.
Wanting an ice cream sandwich. And a lot of other things.
Needing some exercise and ‘me’ time. And something to push me along.
Feeling nervous, worried, fearful, uneasy.
Clicking links that I’ve saved up over the past two weeks.

1 comment
  1. I love that most of those things are things I’m thinking and doing right now.Yet, for me, it’s just barely Sunday, and I’m sitting here reading this halfway across the world. It’s a simple but amazing concept.


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