Update and Counting


Excuses for my silence (aka Life Lately): Luck got to me, and I finally nabbed a magazine internship. When not at work or crying about it, I go out and de-stress more than I stay home and rest. I went on a field trip with Book Bench last Saturday, and yesterday I had breakfast for dinner at this amazeballs new place nearby. Basically, I am out there playing ball with life.

I have also been dressing up more (or trying to), and spending a helluva lot more than I want to. There are too many feelings and not enough time to write about them, but I am craving to change that. Without spilling too much, I am becoming more and more certain of what I (don’t) want to do.

I am also very sorry about abandoning October Daily, but here are some more non-promises:

1. 2013 wish-list
2. A long overdue Listography (or two)
3. Plan A (or What I Should Have Said)
4. Truth Thursday


A penny for your thoughts?

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