My Christmas/year-end wishlist :

Galaxy S4 case. I currently have an S-View case imitation in neon/apple green, but it’s wearing away fast and will probably need a replacement by March. Also I can’t help imagining it would look adorable in coral pink.

Washi tape. New sets of washi tape have been on my wishlist for months, honestly. I’m going to restock on new patterns soon!

Earphones. I find myself in need of a new pair around two or three times a year.
Plus: I also want an earphone jack splitter.

Wicked in Manila tickets (for two, so I won’t go alone). This is priority. I have been waiting for this to happen for at least a year, and I am in no way letting this pass.

Sleeves/Cases for my laptop and/or my graphic tablet. I still have a black one that my brother gave me when I got my new laptop, but it’s threading and wearing really quickly.

Beige, white or navy blue blazer.
Plus: petite-friendly work clothes in general.

Ballet flats / new shoes in general. I have a bad relationship with shoes because new ones always bite into the back of my feet within seconds. I just need really comfy shoes that won’t do that. Lowered the priority for this one because I already bought shoes from Cotton On’s sale :)

Plus plus plus:
Web domain name and hosting plan. One for the bucketlist!
Yoga class subscription. I really really miss my yoga time. I gave it up last semester so my schedule could remain flexible for thesis.
A lifetime supply of undereye masks for my bags. Or concealer. Or a miracle potion.
Make up basics for me to study/play with :) I just came from a bazaar and I almost couldn’t let go of an earth eyeshadow palette.
Coral pink shades of lipstick, especially from MAC or Topshop.
The Body Shop stuff because their stuff smells seriously amazing.
A new watch.

History of Love, Nicole Krauss
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs
Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell
Books books books.


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