The Sunday Currently

Matteo Ricci


READING : Walang Hiya, an anthology reading for my Literature class. I was about to start on Manila Noir, which is our next reading and my chosen report topic, but this reading came up suddenly and is due tomorrow so I needed it out of the way.

WRITING : draft blog posts I can’t seem to publish, random lists and scribbles in my notebooks out of the need to (a) write something, anything; and (b) finish up my notebooks before the year ends. I am doing terribly, by the way. I might end up tearing pages out and using them for craft just to be done with them.

LISTENING : to the rhythmic whirring of the fans and the peaceful quiet here in school. I love my campus when it’s quiet.

THINKING : about the weeks and months to come. I have so much work to do, not in the to-do list sense but in the accomplishment and achievement sense. “I have promises to keep,/ and miles to go before I sleep.” (Robert Frost)

SMELLING : nothing, strangely, or maybe that’s the smell of air. (What does air smell like?)

WISHING : I didn’t have to divide my time between school and internship. Both are pretty important right now, but it’s ruining my ability to manage and balance.

HOPING : for things to go well, more than I am hoping for things to go quickly.

WEARING : a dependable dark blue tee and shorts. The latter might have been a bad idea, because the mosquitoes are getting to me and I forgot to bring repellent lotion.

LOVING : the combination of elements here where I am. It’s so serene; there is no sight, sound or smell that’s distracting me.

WANTING : ice cream since yesterday. Wicked Oreos to be very, very specific. I also want to relive yesterday. And to watch Catching Fire. *rolls around the floor*

NEEDING : more weekends like this with less work to do and more time to appreciate. I need some inspiration to get me going because my words might be burning out.

FEELING : scared of how serene it is, like the proverbial calm before the storm. Kind of conflicted, kind of quietly emotional, concerned, worried.

CLICKING : any link that will bring me back to shallow reality and far away from existential doubts.


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