Lately: Home

Lately, Bahrain

  • After two years away, I’m finally back home.
  • I graduated college less than a month ago, so this is a very timely visit for me. I feel like I’m seeing everything in a new light and I feel thankful. I’ll only be here for two weeks, and only with my sister and father. Which makes everything smaller and quieter.
  • The goal of our stay so far is getting back in touch with old friends and old things. Finding almost-lost things, if you must.
  • Our favorite restaurants were on top of the list, of course: Fudd’s breakfast platter, Al-Abraaj sizzling anything, Vanellis pasta, and so on. All I’m missing is Caribou’s Campfire Mocha.
  • My favorite part (so far) is reuniting with my two high school besties: Diana and Rodkevin. We had hot chocolate/mocha and cakes, and just traded stories like the introverts we are.
  • A couple of days later, Diana came over to my house with her laptop and we had an introvert party. We answered BuzzFeed quizzes for a while with my boyfriend on Skype. She also paid close witness to our cheesiness.
  • It’s my second time being away from the boy for a week or more, but this time we have contact. So aside from Skype calling whenever we can, we trade a selfie every day. I’m missing this boy too much. I hope I get to show him my home one day.
    • Apple said:

      Awww, thanks! I’ll do this soon! :)

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