His & Hers: Introduction


My boyfriend Airell and I are total opposites. It’s one of the first things we knew about each other, and now it’s one of our favorite things to talk about. Just take a look at this list:


It’s always a surprise to me that we ever got this close. Our differences caused us friction more times than I can count, but they can be amusing and endearing too. To a certain degree they brought us closer together.

My favorite part about being different is picking up all sorts of things from each other, from the way I pronounce certain words to his tendency to stop making sense at some point of the day. Some things are probably never going to change, but I know there’s a lot we’re going to learn from each other.

Just for good measure, here are some of the very few things we have in common:

hisnhers1-1(The last item is just there to prove the first. Tee-hee.)

Because I want to keep enjoying our differences (or the very rare similarities), and also because we’ve established how cheesy we are, I got him to agree to keep up a His & Hers series with me. We’ll compare and contrast our favorites, opinions, current picks, whatever. I’m just excited to know everything about this guy. And we’re not sorry for the cheese at all.

Based on the His and Hers series from A Pair of Pears blog.
Illustrations are from our favorite Facebook Messenger stickers: Banana, Pandi, and Opi.


A penny for your thoughts?

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