Defining my dream job


I’m finally attempting to get up from my bum status, which means looking for work. I face a lot of problems, fears and doubts with the search, but I think of this the most. It seems that I’m always less than seriously in love with the company, field or position that I’m applying into.

I know, I know. Some people take years to find their dream job, because job hunting is never easy. But what if it were? What if, realism aside, there was a job out there for which I was perfect, and vice versa? If you’re listening, Fate, I really hope it’s any one of the following jobs.

  • Writer/Columnist for TIME Magazine (or similar)

I’ve known photographers who consider shooting for National Geographic “the dream.” As a writer, and something of a sapiosexual, I see writing for discursive magazines like TIME as my counterpart.

While I don’t turn my nose down at beauty or lifestyle magazines — I interned for one recently, and I learned a lot! — I just don’t believe I’d feel challenged or fulfilled by them. I’d be expanding my skill set by miles, but not the way I look at and feel about the world. The latter affords me a kind of mental stimulation that I need in my life.

  • Freelance writer/Blogger

Ah, this is the real dream. Being a freelancer has fascinated me since I was a child, when I first read about it in a chick-lit series. The idea was to be your own boss and pick your own projects. The perks were obvious, even then. Maybe I had commitment issues long before I started thinking about romance.

I didn’t consider blogging a work option until it became popular in recent years. It’s like owning your own magazine and curating stories according to your own taste. It’s creative and versatile, and as personal as I would like it to be. How could I not love that?!?

  • Communications officer for gov/non-gov office

This one is considerably more realistic but also more difficult for me, at least for the moment. This dream formed out of a collision of two things I was sure of before graduating: first, that I really, really want to work in the development sector. Second, that Comm skills were my best offering.

My problem is that Comm is among the least of the dev sector’s priorities, so there is little to no space for me. I’m also clueless and shy, so I have no idea how to wiggle my way in. I do swear that I will find myself in the dev sector someday. I do swear that I will find myself in a job that directly helps and serves people.

  • Wildcard a.k.a. jobs I wouldn’t mind having, but am not working towards just yet

Events planner – I love fussing over details, and I love putting them together to tell a full story.

Web designer/developer – a secret frustration of mine. I like to tell people I have this alternate-reality-dream of revamping all the Philippine government websites; at present they are neither pretty nor helpful.

Best-selling author – I don’t think I need to explain this one :)

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  1. Trish said:

    Its really nice that you made a list of your dream jobs; it puts things into perspective. I’m all too familiar with the feeling of anxiousness that comes with job hunting especially when you’re a new graduate. Overcoming your fears and doubts takes a lot of courage but I believe that without challenges, life would be boring. You can do it. I wish you good luck and God bless! :)

    • Apple said:

      Thanks for the encouragement! Are you working na, or still studying? :)

  2. Trish said:

    I’m gonna go back to school this June to pursue medicine. :))

    • Apple said:

      Oh, that’s great! Good luck!!! :)

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