His Birthday

Yesterday was Airell’s birthday, exactly eight days before mine. The day I figured this out, I had my mind made up: we were celebrating birthday week, and we were celebrating it together.

It’s our first birthday week as a couple, and it happens to be our 21st birthday. We actually had bigger dreams for this celebration, like a kiddie party, or a water fight/nerf battle between his friends and mine. Too bad we couldn’t afford anything.

Still, I wanted his first birthday with me to be special. So we had a simple “us” day, filled with some of our favorite things.


He picked me up from my building after class and we went shopping for the afternoon’s supplies. For lunch, lampirong shells, seafood balls (I forgot what exactly), mushrooms, and garlic rice. Most of the food we bought on a whim or because it was cheap. We cooked them with butter and garlic, which is how we like to cook most of our food. I haven’t graduated from frying, but if it’s good enough then I can safely say I’ve been cooking more because of this boy.

He also recently introduced me to this brand of cream soda, which we found on discount. It’s delicious on its own but we drink it mixed with Coke and ice. I think it tastes like a fast food Coke float, only ten times better.

This cutie book is my gift. I ordered this online some three weeks ago and was starting to panic when it hadn’t arrived in ten days. It turned out for the best, though. It arrived on the morning of Airell’s birthday, and the front desk handed it to me just as I went downstairs to meet him.

Me, You, Us is a doodle journal by Lisa Currie, designed to celebrate relationships in a fun, creative way. It can be filled out by couples, best friends, or family members. I wanted this journal since Lisa first announced it on her Instagram; I really love journals, crafty things and collabs. I only worried that Airell might not be into those things, since we were such opposites. Lucky for me, he loved it. We got started on the very first page last night:


He drew a monkey for himself and I drew a panda for me, but we wrote each other’s names and nicknames. He wanted to fill out more pages, but I was starting to crash. We scanned through the rest of the pages instead and answered some of them out loud. He even suggested we try to fill out one page each time we’re together. For all of our oppositeness and friction, it makes me so happy when we find somewhere to converge.

We topped off the day with dinner at Tokyo Bubble Tea, my birthday treat. He ordered us salmon and mango sushi, yakiniku beef rice (with the most heavenly sauce), a black milk tea for him, and a mocha milkshake for me.

It was all yum, except that my mocha had pearls, which I hate. I should have known they would be there, so it’s really my fault. Everything else was perfect. The food, the whole day. It was his birthday, but it was also one of the best days for me recently.

Happy Birthday to this pretty boy who brings about the absolute best and worst in me. Thank you for sticking with me through the bad days, thank you for the good days, thank you for you, thank you for us. I’ll repay you, I promise. I love you to the afterlife or the undead, whichever comes last. See you later, homie! :)


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