Cinemalaya 2014: To-Watch List


I don’t have a long or substantial history with Cinemalaya at all. The one film I remember watching is Ang Nawawala in 2012 (which has a special place in my heart). Sure, I’m always interested. But I never really have anybody to go with. I’m glad that’s changing this year.

Just to make sure it’s more of a plan than a hope, here’s the top three movies Airell and I want to see.

#Y (“Hashtag Y”)

Gino M. Santos
Coming of Age / Teen Drama
“#Y chronicles the adventures of the members of a generation made universal by the realms of social media, the Internet, sex, drugs, and alcohol, and the nights they won’t remember but will never forget.”

The film’s trailer easily reminded me of the British series Skins, which I have a complicated relationship with. I am pro-“millenials” and pro-anything that discusses them honestly, not just because I am one of them. For a generation that’s viewed as shallow, it’s always an intellectual question to me. I was going to pass, lest I overanalyze all the way, until Airell said he was interested too.


1st ko si 3rd

Real S. Florido
Drama-Love Story
“A 65-year old woman gets reunited with her 1st love and finally the supposed 1st date happens four decades after they got separated.”

As much as I did find the story adorable, I was mostly interested in this because of Airell, who has a soft spot for elderly couples. Come to think of it, this might be a stark contrast to #Y in every way.


K’na The Dreamweaver

Ida Anita Q. Del Mundo
“When Kana, a young T’boli woman, becomes a dreamweaver, she has the chance to weave together her village’s warring clans. But, will she give up true love to do so?”

I can’t correctly word why I’m so into the idea of this film, besides the awkward “I love minorities.” But I love stories with richly-detailed history and culture, and I love themes that tread very closely on the question of humanity. Did I sound pretentious? Never mind. I think it’s a beautiful film.

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