Thought Vomit

I realized that I like connections–I like finding or creating them between things.

I love metaphors because I loved finding a single, obscure thread between two seemingly unrelated things. I love branding because of the questions you ask about identity: what are all the colors, images, words, ideas that will add up to this one name I am trying to make? I love recommending people new things because I love finding out what they currently love first.

I think relationships are incredible. I love the feeling when I figure out that something connects! It works out, it just does, by virtue of what you are without changing a thing! Am I completely spazzing out over an abstract concept again? I think so!

It’s given me a new appreciation for art and literature. In a single story, or even a scene, there are so many elements I can draw relationships between. And I love the artwork or story I’m looking at when I realize that the connection is there! It works out! It fits. It’s a strange harmony.

I wonder if this is what I’m looking for.


A penny for your thoughts?

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