Things I will be writing about or referring to pretty often

My family

I am the youngest of four children: two boys and two girls, in that order. The above photo was taken at my eighteenth birthday party and, as you can see, we all still look pretty young. That includes my parents. I’ve been close to my siblings since we were little, although a different closeness than you might expect. My parents spend most of the year in Bahrain, where the four of us grew up and where my dad still works. We’re a special bunch, I promise.


Bahrain (a mix of desert and development)

When I was a baby, my dad migrated to Bahrain for better work opportunity. After one or two years, my mom followed suit with the four of us, and they raised us there ever since. If you ask us how long we spent in Bahrain, we each have a different number. I lived there for fourteen years. I spent kindergarten, grade school and high school there. My best friend lives there. I fell in love there. My siblings and I left (one by one) at each of our high school graduations, because universities in the Philippines were a lot better. But Bahrain is still home.


Ateneo de Manila University

I am now studying in a dream university, majoring in Communications. For the first two years of my college life, I lived in a dormitory on the campus, but for the next two I will share a condo with my siblings. A lot of my lessons and adventures happen here in the Ateneo, in my classes, within my block, my lone walks around, and so on. This is also where my dreams will hopefully unfold and grow.

Book Bench

The Ateneo Book Bench

This will also be referred to as “my org”. In my university, we get to join groups or student organizations that we call “orgs”. Each org has its own interest that it follows and stands for. The Ateneo Book Bench is the official student group of the Rizal Library, meaning we promote the Library’s services and resources. And yes, we also have plenty of quirky book geeks in our midst. Book Bench is special to me, because I consider it my home org. I was never this attached, committed or happy in any org before. I come alive here; I feel happy, hopeful and comfortable here; I fell in love here. This will always be a part of my stories.



And then here’s me. I am constantly changing, and you will watch my thoughts as I time-travel through this blog. For a summary, you can read my About Me.

A penny for your thoughts?

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